I entered the free foreign movie screening at Institut Francais Indonesia to watch 17 Girls with no expectation at all. Perhaps that low-level presumption was the key point here, but nonetheless the movie was exceedingly pleasant and entertaining.

Originally titled 17 Filles in french, this 2011 movie is centered around a bunch of high-school girls who made a pact and commit to get pregnant around the same time when the queen bee, Camille, is accidentally pregnant. They then even make plans to live and raise their babies together.

Make no mistake, the movie may come across as shallow and silly in every way but somehow I feel it managed to capture the naive adolescence way of  thinking. The movie also caught up well on youth idea of companionship and the terrifying realities of growing up, not in a sad and dark way, but rather on light and somehow heart-warming (at least to me).

Plus it’s nice to watch teenage friendship and how they choose to stick together against norm and what society tell them.

17 girls filles

Can you guess which one is Camille?

Now that you know the premise of this movie, do you wanna hear something even more astounding? Ready?


The story is based on true life events.

17 high school teenagers.

Made a pact.

Getting pregnant around the same time.

While still studying.


The major difference between the movie and the real event is location, the movie setting is in France while the latter is in Massachusetts, USA. I know what you’re thinking, what kind of sorcery all these? 17 teens were willing to have babies and French made a movie about American story and not the other way around? Where were all those Hollywood executives?

17 Girls is a highly enjoyable movies, I don’t find the girls as irritating or infuriating characters, though I can’t say the word ‘foolish’ had never entered my mind. Compared on how Hollywood likes to portray teenager girls, these characters are far way more genuine and relatable.

I would normally disdain this type of genre, but heck I’ll admit that 17 Girls is by far the best movie I’ve watched in 2016 (today is 09 August, btw).

One more note, the soundtracks from this movie are very good too! I immediately googled a few songs after watching the movie. Here is my favuorite one: