Effortless essenstial lifestyle products

Founded in mid 2016 by Devi Natalia, Kalaitu retails products designed for modern individuals. It aims to empower and inspire simple and light living by keeping the basic and lessen the inessential, a sentiment that manifested in its product aesthetic and style.

Clean design with underrated basic geometry becomes a notion with a little splash of colors to add fun and vibrancy into the mix. The result is subtle and yet strong in desire to boost confidence in simplicity.




Creative and art direction, photography, basically everything

Kalaitu Logo

I created 6 subsequent imageries to be displayed on Kalaitu instagram as a teaser when the first line of products was ready to be launched.

Instagram was chosen to be the main platform to showcase Kalaitu products since Kalaitus target market are mostly engage here daily. With appropriate hashtag, it’s easier to reach out and create conversation with (potential) buyers.

Also, Instagram’s fundamental nature of showcasing beautiful well-crafted photos and short videos while also inspiring is in line with Kalaitu business strategy.

To communicate Kalaitu’s brand principles, I also plan and prepare series of thought-evoking quotes that are posted every once in a while. The quotes encourage simple living and positive attitude.

Other than product shot and quotes, series of photo-mood are regularly posted to enhance brand’s visual tone especially when users are exploring Kalaitu’s gallery.

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