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One of Samsung Smart camera core feature is its built-in wi-fi, therefore sharing professional-alike photos & videos with family and friends is so simple and instant. To raise awareness of this awesome feature then elevate it into converted sales, we built a platform for photographers, mainly consumer level, to proudly showcase their work and together growing with Samsung SmartCam community.


Samsung Indonesia






UI, UX, Art Direction

Campaign Logo

Introductory landing page

Other than to inform new user on what this platform is, this landing page also works as a bridge to tie its major features. Users can immediately catch a glimpse on how to participate and go for the suitable content and information.

Let's start the game!

The main ‘news-feed’ once user sign in, inspired by Pinterest with its bottomless end.

To engage and retain users, we rolled out gamification levels whereas user can collect badges when they complete certain tasks.

Social media across channel was also integrated with this platform so in the long run every campaign from Samsung SmartCam Indonesia will utilize this platform as the base activity.

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