An extended arm of an air purifier by examining the before and after air quality index

Haze and poor air quality has been a yearly issue for Singapore and all-year problem for China, especially in Beijing and areas that are in close range with industrial plants. It’s no surprise that many air purifier brands come out to market since there are lots of demands by house and apartment (even office) owner in attempt to reduce or eliminate contaminants from the air in the room.

Then, they step up their game. Client approached us to build an android app to help their sales people do their product demo for potential customers as well manage future orders from existing customers.








App Icon

Happy-witty cloud to give positive impression of weather

So how does it work?

To do product demo and air quality checking, the sales people need to connect the purifying machine with this app.

Main menu which also acts as main page
Connecting process between the app and the machine
Successful connection

Pollution Level Testing

To compare before and after air quality level, they need to assign a room where the purifying machine is placed.

The machine then scan the air within the room, the progress is simultaneously displayed in the app
The app then shows the current air quality level. This is the ‘BEFORE’ result
Sales people then now need to on or activate Purifying mode on the machine. This cleansing process may take up to 30 minutes.
Minute by minute purifying progress is shown in the app simultaneously.

Say hi to the witty cloud!

There are 6 stages of air level pollution based on its PSI result. We tried to explain each of them in a fun non-threatening way, the cloud icon perform as an indicator of how good or bad the air is.

Existing customers is being taken care too

Every salesman can access their customers purchase history easily within the app. They’re also able to make new arrangement schedule conveniently.

Everyone likes being remembered by

Other than app notification for appointment schedule, the app will also notify the sales guy when his customer is having a birthday.

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